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Rogers, Jean Myrtle Nobles 7/22/2014    
Andrews, Yvonne Winburn 7/20/2014    
Tjaden, Maggie Ann 7/19/2014    
Melton, Lottie Elizabeth (Libby) 7/13/2014    
Clark , Ronald Tyrone 7/11/2014    
Brown, Timothy Gene 7/9/2014    
Allen, Gerald Dean (Bo Dean) 7/7/2014    
Pratt, John Wesley 6/29/2014    
Gainey, Myrtle Beasley 6/28/2014    
Parnell, Maggie Jane 6/28/2014    
Wright, JC 6/26/2014    
Williams, Loretta M 6/25/2014    
Crowley, Mary King 6/23/2014    
Spence, Sr., James William 6/23/2014    
Spence, Nancy Lee 6/22/2014    
Stogner, William Penrose (Pinky) 6/21/2014    
Pope, Paul 6/17/2014    
Woods, Jr., Jesse L. 6/17/2014    
Hayes Jr., Lacy Lucien 6/15/2014    
Hall , Thomas George 6/10/2014    
Petty, Forrest Dempsey 6/10/2014    
Gainey, Mary Elizabeth 6/8/2014    
Damico, Stephen Alfred 6/3/2014    
Brown, Larry 6/2/2014    
McGuire, Walker Phillips 6/1/2014    

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