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Wallace, Pamela James 4/14/2014    
Burch, Inez Robbins 4/12/2014    
Huddleston, Timothy (Tim) L. 4/9/2014    
Doughty, Clarence Eugene (Sonny) 4/4/2014    
Hunnicutt , Amberley McKenzie 4/2/2014    
American Veteran Kelley, Donald 4/2/2014    
Snead, Earl 4/2/2014    
Matuse, Geneva Nelson 4/1/2014    
Adams, Clarice 3/30/2014    
Davis, Lee Amerson 3/29/2014    
Howle, Sue Teal 3/26/2014    
Walters, Johnny Roger 3/23/2014    
Rhodes, Delores Agnes 3/21/2014    
Davis, Julia Martin 3/20/2014    
Townsend, Paul Herbert 3/19/2014    
Parnell, Marcy Mozingo 3/16/2014    
Hall, Nina Clifton 3/15/2014    
Ward, Luther Clifton 3/14/2014    
Elmore, Elise Folsom 3/13/2014    
Hoffman, Archie E 3/10/2014    
Bradshaw, Leslie Raymond 3/8/2014    
Grantham, Ginger Renee 3/5/2014    
Howle, Sr., Murry Byerly 3/5/2014    
White, Peggy Norwood 3/1/2014    
Gainey, James Phillip 2/26/2014    

 - American Veterans


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