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Brigman, Lillie Mae    
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Vann, Carolyn Kirven    
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Davis, Earl    
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Easter, David Herman    
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Braloski, Deborah Smith    
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Catoe, Alice B    
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Rogers, Jean Myrtle Nobles    
...   7/20/2014   Text Only
Andrews, Yvonne Winburn    
...   7/19/2014   Text Only
Tjaden, Maggie Ann    
...   7/13/2014   Text Only
Melton, Lottie Elizabeth (Libby)    

Norton Funeral Home was founded in Hartsville in 1973. Fifteen years later in 1988 we opened our second branch in Bishopville. Today Norton Funeral Home continues to provide the same caring and professional service to Hartsville, Bishopville, McBee, Bethune, Society Hill, Patrick and surrounding areas that were instrumental in establishing our funeral homes.

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   The Funeral Director's Prayer
Dear Lord,

Give me the patience needed to serve everyone as my own;
the wisdom to understand others' feelings;
the knowledge to learn as well as to instruct;
the kindness to treat everyone equally at all times;
the strength to endure long hours and hard work;
the desire to serve others as I would my own family;
the humility to accept words of thanks and praise;
the compassion to be able to touch another's soul;
the pride and the right to smile when I have served a family well;
and, Lord, most importantly,
the right to shed an honest tear when my heart is touched.
Lord, make me thankful that I am a Funeral Director.


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